Written by Fred Doherty (aka Rochdalemark) with a large chunk of help from Richard Lindsey (aka Velveeta) This is the instruction file for Attribute Product Codes. v1.0 This contribution will allow you to add codes to each product attribute based on a per item only basis. This is so that if you have 2 suppliers having different codes for say a colour red attribute you can have a different code for each. The attribute product code will be used as a suffix to the base product code. i.e Say you sold Apples. The code for your standard Apple is AP1 But you had a choice of colours and sizes for those apples, you can now have the following codes generated for each. Green Apple: AP1/G or Red Apple: AP1/R or Apple Large: AP1/L or Apple Large Red: AP1/L-R As you can see the base product code stayes the same but with the seperate atribute code added as a suffix to the end. This each attribute product code can be given a sort value, so that your code is in the right order. For example Your code for a Large Red Apple: AP1/L-R could mean a completely different product if it was the other way round like AP1/R-L. This way there is no mistakes in the way the codes are generated when multiple attributes are selected. Forum for this contribution is at: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=251032