Product Attribute Pictures

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Product Attribute Pictures (PAPs) Version 0.1 by hanuman at Open Source Services Demo at Support and Forum at This contribution is for any seller who is offering products using the Products Attributes contribution.. If you have photos of the different product attributes (e.g you might have an item available in different colors), then this contribution provides a quick and easy way for your customers to look at all the different attribute pictures on the product_info page using automatically generated thumbnails without having to refresh the whole page each time they click a thumbnail. It can handle multiple attribute names and values. There is no need for any Admin section configuration. Adding new product attribute pictures is simply a matter of naming and saving a file. For a working example of this contribution, visit and scroll down the page until you see the Product Options Viewing Area. Requirements To use this contribution, you must meet the following prerequisites: 1) Your server must have the GD graphics library installed 2) You must have the Products Attributes contribution installed in osCommerce (most, if not all distributions of oscMax have it) 3) This version will only display cleanly with stores that use the full width of a 1024 pixel-wide screen. If your store is narrower than this, you will have to tweak the html code that will be added to product_info(.tpl).php. 4) You must be using product model numbers for your products. 5) All product attribute image files must be .jpg No database access is required. Filenames are used as metadata for images.