Store Mode (Open | Closed | Maintenance) for OSC v2.3.1 --------------------------------------------------------------- This is a modification of olsonsp4c's Store Mode (Open | Closed | Maintenance) v1.3 All credit goes to olsonsp4c for this add-on, I just made it work for osCommerce v2.3.1. The following is his information for the add-on. The purpose of this add-on is to set the mode of your store: Open, Closed, or Maintenance The settings are defined in the Admin->Configuration->Store Mode and in the language files Set Store Mode-> Open, Closed, or Maintenance Open Store Mode: Fully functioning ecommerce webstore Closed Store Mode: Allows your customers to create accounts Allows your customers and search engines to browse Allows your customers to add items to the cart Saves shopping carts for delayed checkout Prohibits customers from checking out of the store Displays a friendly message on the index and shopping cart pages Public notice before going offline Maintenance Store Mode: Choose filename (default is index_maintenance.php) Hide the header Hide the left column Hide the right column Hide the footer Hide the product prices Perform offline maintenance (admin's ip address bypasses the maintenance page) Public notice before going offline Display catalog side reminder to admin of offline status