AJAX Orders Editor

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

hello world, The Order Editor is a great contrib, very usefull, but I get tired of everytime I had to install it having to modified it in order to work properly. So I've decided to make my own, using AJAX technology. With this contrib, you can edit almost everything of your client's orders directly from the orders.php screen. Change name, addresses, telefone, email, adding products, delete them, change price, ... Very efective, quick and powerfull. Hope you like it. Hola, Esta contribucion permite editar todas las informacion de los pedidos de vuestros clientes directamente desde la pantalla del pedido, gracias a la tecnologia AJAX. Cambiar el nombre, la direccion, telefono, mail, añadir productos, elliminarlos, ... Espero que os guste. Salut, Cette contribution permet d'éditer les informations des commandes de vos clients, directement depuis l'écran de la commande (orders.php). Vous pouvez changer le nom, l'adresse, téléphone, email, rajouter des produits, en éliminer... J'espère qu'elle vous sera utile