Product Sort

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Product Sort Contribution I needed the capability of sorting by product similar to the way in which categories are sorted. I read through many posts of how people use different techniques to accomplish product sort (i.e. putting a number such as 1., 2., 3. etc in front of the Product Name); however, none quite met what I was looking to accomplish. So, I put together this contribution with the following features: - product sort entry on the product entry page in admin - product and category sort order displayed on each of the category pages in admin (next to the red and green status indicators) - ability to set the column sort order on the admin/configuration/product_listing page - ability to set the column to being visible or not on the admin/configuration/product_listing page - ability to use product sort order as the default catalog display whether or not the column is actually made visible - maintain the native column sort capability in the catalog (click on column heading to get ascending/descending sort), though I did remove the "+" and "-" indicators <<<<< I built this contribution on the snapshot dated September 14th, 2002. >>>>>>>>>