Article Manager v1.0

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Article Manager is a comprehensive article publishing system written for 2.2MS2. So if you want to offer articles on your site with the option of cross-selling to your products, then this contribution is a must. It is easy to install and will require minimal alteration to your existing site. Screen captures are included in a separate download. Article Manager includes the following features: - Articles can be stored in multi-leveled topics (use of topics optional) - New Articles and All Articles lists included - Article listings include: Article Title, Article Abstract, Author Name, Topic, Expected or Published Date (details can be turned on or off via the admin console) - Articles accessible from Article and Authors box added to left or right column - Articles can be assigned to Authors (optional) - Author details include name and description (can include pictures) - Optional Topic and Author filters lists available from Articles Info page - Article Reviews built in, including approval or reviews by admin (use of reviews optional) - Includes optional Tell a Friend link - Article cross-selling included so you can associate articles with products in your shop (optional) - WYSIWYG HTMLArea Editor (MS2 v1.7) built in for editing of Articles and Topic/Author descriptions (optional) - Supports pre-loading of articles to appear on a certain date (until then they are viewable but not accessible) - Supports management of Draft and Published article statuses - Full Header Tags support for article-related meta-tagging - Breadcrumb support included so Topic path and Article/Author name appear in breadcrumbs - Full admin console with over 30 different configuration options - Full multi-language capable (sorry, only English language files included in this version) - And much, much more! Note: Header Tags Controller and WYSIWYG HTMLArea Editor (MS2 v1.7) DO NOT need to be installed throughout the rest of your site. Bugs and suggestions: Rob Anderson