Virtual Merchant - Elavon, ViaKlix, Nova

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

/** * Elavon a.k.a. Nova, ViaKlix, Virtual Merchant Payment Module for osCommerce * ************************************************************************* * ChargeIt prepares data according to Virtual Merchant's Developer's Guide. * Then posts via https credit card transactions to Virtual Merchant's * Submission and referer set by cURL. Transaction results are * returned by in ASCII pairs. ChargeIt interprets errors, attempts * to resubmit declines, or display error to user and allow user to * resubmit information. ChargeIt also auto submits DCC opt in information * according to admin setup. Transaction errors can also be set to email * an administrator. ************************************************************************* * * @package ChargeIt * @link Ecommerce Applications * @copyright Copyright 2008, Teradigm, Inc. All Rights Reserved. * @author zelf * @version 1.0 */ Requires cURL compiled into PHP. Operates similar to the AIM contribution, but with many enhancements to reduce credit card declines and to display friendly error messages to customers.