Full Guest Checkout feature for oscommerce v2.3.1. This add on will perform two functions. FIRST: It will consolidate your login.php, create_account.php, and password_forgotten.php pages into ONE page. SECOND: It will add a guest checkout feature to your website. Unlike most guest checkouts, customer information is NOT deleted. If a guest checks out multiple times, their information is not replicated as a new customer. A customer account is created based on email address. No matter how many times a customer checks out (as guest or real customer), their information will be maintained under ONE single customer ID. Guest customers enter minimal information, and no password. They are not able to obtain a new password, or log into an account. If the guest eventually creates a real account, the real account will still be merged with the previous guest account. This add on will allow the customer to checkout with minimal information, while also maintaining organized and complete business records, which are essential to any business.