Quickbooks Customer Import

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a very simple contribution which will put a button on your orders page and within the details page for all orders. It exports customer details from osCommerce one customer at a time, creating a file for each customer you choose to export. The file is named according to the customers name. This contribution will get the customer account information from your SQL database. Format the phone number according to US format (999-999-9999). Change all first letters of name and address to capital letters. This contribution does not collect/import sales/invoice information as of yet. That feature will be available in the next release. Working on the problem where Quickbooks appends subcategory part numbers with the category name to create their own unique part number. Nor does this contribution deal with customers who write everything in CAPS, maybe this will be changed in a future release. Discussions about this contribution are at: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=98513