/ Invoice modul

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Faktura / invoice module for svea finans (SveaWebPay). Contact svea finance for agreement, which is neccessary to use this mod. http://www.sveawebpay.dk/ http://www.sveawebpay.se/ Offer your customers to pay via Invoice (and pay for the delivery after 14 days). All payment are handled by SSL via SveaWebPay (redirected) This was tested on a clean OsC 2.3.1 install - and is working 100% with our install. No modification of core OSC files at all = VERY EASY INSTALL NOTE: Contribution is not "maintained" here in the add-on section, so i suggest you contact Svea WebPay directly to make sure you have the latest edition of this module. Install txt file in the package.