INTRODUCTION: This CATEGORY CSS MENU will replace the original Categories Menu on osCommerce V2.3.1. It help customers easier to find stuffs in your shop with this CATEGORY CSS MENU instead of only Text Menu. And yet, it also looks and feels better. FEATURES: -Easy to install -Menu is using CSS Stylesheet (You can modify any styles, colors, images as you like) -Add extra (+), (-) and (arrow) signs for better nagivation -Add background images to feel the touch on each category. -Coding is based on original osCommerce v2.3.1 code, so 99.9% compatible, stable and trouble free. -Sample image included. COMMENTS: I have tested the CATEGORY CSS MENU on osCommerce v2.3.1 all features, background, functions with all my best to ensure the released package is ready to use with minimal hassle. As always any modification is used at your own risk. BACKUP!!!BAKCUP!!!BACKUP Andy,