This Quantity Price Break module will allow for: 1) Quantity pricing per product (unlimited number of price break levels as of version 1.3.x) This is useful if you need to give your customers different prices based on the quantity they order. (volume discounts) The product information page will display a table of the price break prices if a product has been configured to use price breaks. 2) Ability to force products to be sold in lots of # quantity. (The shopping cart will enforce this). This is useful if you only want to sell say, cases of a product, but do not want to price the product by the case. (For example, if I sell a product in lots of 12 units, the shopping cart will only allow the customer to specify multiples of 12) ------------------------------------------- 1.0 is the initial version. Please direct any feedback and code modifications to me. I will see that they are integrated in. Feedback is welcome. Thank you.