JcM-categories-navbar-V1.3 CE BS4/3

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This is an update and mod of an old addon so all credit goes to original author. A simple addon to let you place a Categories menu in the navbar. You have 2 option a) simple based on stock bootstrap b) fancy based on additional css. In……….. /includes/modules/navbar_modules/templates……… You have 2 files, tpl_nb_horizontal_multi_menu.php and tpl_nb_horizontal_multi_menu.fancy The simple version is installed as stock. If you wan the fancy version then rename the files as required (change .fancy to .php) Simply install all the files and install “Horizontal multi menu ” addon and turn on in admin. You can play around with the css to get the look as you like but best to do this in user.css and not the responsivemultimenu.css. Fancy option will only work if you install all the files. It has been tested on the v2.3.4.1 CE Only.