USPS with Dimensions Support v 6.54.1

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Updated module file to match latest USPS shipping methods as of 3-16-2018 and added __construct function for PHP 7 compatibility. This is a bug fix for version 6.54 which is incorrectly listed with the content contributions instead of the shipping module contributions where it belongs. Check to stop construction of the class if not enabled was incorrectly placed before the mail types instead of afterward where it needs to be in order for the admin module install to work correctly. XML class files have had __construct function added. Updated USPS methods utility to account for an added shipping method not previously accounted for. Complete contribution is attached. To upgrade from previous version make note of your USPS User ID and other settings. Next remove the USPS module in admin, then replace the shipping module file and reinstall it, then restore your settings in order to make use of the new methods. Replace the USPS methods utility but you will not need to use it immediately as the API changes have already been added to the shipping module. Replacing the XML class files is optional unless you are planning to move to PHP 7.