Auctions 2.1 By Dan Herlihy

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Auctions 2.1 By Dan Herlihy for OSCommerce Version 2.2rc2a (Should work on previous versions) Credit goes to Celdish, Marcus Design, Azer and The French Autions team. Who have all put a lot of work into this contrib. I'd also like to thank those who tested and reported bugs for the BETA Version of this contribution. Without your help, this would not have been possible. Regards Dan TESTED with PHP V5 Basic Features : Run your own ebay Like auctions from your own website. Admin console to monitor the status of auctions (Auction finished, added to cart, complete). Auto emails sent upon higher bid and finished auction. Finished Auctions automatically added to users shopping cart. Auctions page provides overview of current auctions including number of bidders, starting bid, highest bid, time remaining, etc. Current auctions of which a user has bid on appear in "My Account" (account.php) PHP countdown with autorefresh to update times PHP file for CRON job to automatically process completed auctions, sends notification emails, adds to cart etc. ***Please note, completed auctions are processed in the following ways: • CRON JOB (you must set this up yourself - Google VisualCron (for windows) for more information. This cron job is best run from the server in which your site resides. Ask your system Admin about setting up a "CronJob" to automatically load the aucron2.php file every 3 or so mins. • Customer views their own shopping cart • Anyone views the completed auction page (This page will auto refresh which will also process a completed auction) Installation Notes: This installation requires a basic level of PHP and SQL understanding provided you are installing this on a fresh copy of OSC version 2.2rc2a You can modify the "results per page" for the auctions.php and account.php by changing the value of the $rowsPerPage variable in each page. Please ensure the following files are modified to suit your store. You will need to replace "" and "Your Name" with your own details. This (Best done once installation is complete) catalog/includes/modules/auctions_bids.php catalog/shopping_cart.php catalog/product_info.php You must set a cron job to execute aucron2.php file every 3 mins. This file will automatically detect finished auctions and send emails to the winners.