This contribution originally was LoginBox v5.0 by Aubrey Kilian. Then became LoginBox v5.2 when it was modified by Linda McGrath to be both a Login Box and a My Account Box once you were logged in. It is now LoginBox v5.2.wfc1.0, modified by Justin of World Famous Comics to work with 2.2ms2 and include a "Secure Login" and "Forgotten Password" link. ------------------- LoginBox v5.2.wfc1.0 For osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Modifications by Justin of World Famous Comics <> 1) Fixed Product Notification link (stopped working as of 2.2ms2, now works) 2) Added "Secure Login" link 3) Added "Password Forgotten" link 4) Instead of defining separate in catalog/includes/languages/english/loginbox.php, LoginBox now simply uses from catalog/includes/languages/english.php: a) HEADER_TITLE_LOGIN for box title b) ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS for email field label c) ENTRY_PASSWORD for password field label d) HEADER_TITLE_LOGOFF for logoff link when signed in 5) Renamed some defaults in catalog/includes/languages/english/loginbox.php 6) Reordered LoginBox's My Account boxes links to match order on My Account page 7) Fixed problem where formatting defined in catalog/stylesheet.css for boxText (the "E-Mail" and "Password" text) was not applying 8) Other minor editing and formatting of code and installation instructions for clarity and easy of use And yes, I know that when using SSL with osCommerce the FORM call in the LoginBox *is* secure (FORM is called via HTTPS) and that using the LoginBox on any of the pages is secure. However, some site visitors want to see their browser's lock icon indicating they are on a secure page before typing in their password. The "Secure Login" link was put in for those people.