Mail Manager

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Mail Manager for OSCommerce 2.2RC2a and OSC to CSS v1 and v 2 support thread: Purpose: 1. Send all emails both in html and in text. 2. Allow editing and templating of all emails from the admin. 3. Add a post sales order followup email to OSCommerce. 4. Modulate the rate that emails are sent. Mail Manager: 1. Mail manager allows the shop owner to create and edit all emails from the admin with both an html and a text alternative, to allow professional and readable emails to be produced. 2. To create a consistent look, templates can be produced in the admin that can be applied to all emails. 3. A bulkmail module is included that allows the rate that OSCommerce sends email and newsletters to be modulated. The rate is in seconds per email. This allows shops on shared web-hosting accounts to send large mailings without exceeding band-width limitations. 4. The bulkmail module also contains a special feature that allows the sending of marketing emails to customers that have recently made a purchase. This email contains an order's product listing, to include images and links to make review, and also contains cross sold items. (if the xsell module is installed 5. Mail Manager adds product images to the customer initiated tell_a_friend email. 6. A search feature is added to the admin email that makes it simple to locate a customer and send them note, etc on a templated email. Lots of Screenshots included. For more info visit: www dot css-oscommerce dot com/mail-manager-for-oscommerce/ and www dot css-oscommerce dot com/mail-manager-for-oscommerce-operation/ Files can also be found on google code: http://code dot google dot com/p/mobile-oscommerce-addon/downloads/list