UltraPics v1.0 - Addition Image Pack! MS2 ========================================= This is the complete image solution for everyone using osCommerce MS2. This allows adding of 8 more images to your Admin and Catalog, basically a combination of SM,MED,LARGE+ and MoPICs+ with Lots of Nice Enhancements! like, * Add & Remove Additional Images via Admin Easy! * (To POPUP! or NOT TO POPUP!) Have Pop up Windows or NOT! * Image Preview when editing Products. * Addition Images On and Off options in admin. * Resize Option for specific images settings. * Delete images permantly of server if not longer used. (Delete Disabled if more then 1 product Links to Image.) * Nice clean look, tidy code. * 3 Screen Shots Included in ZIP file. (See for your-self before installing!) This package has been assembled on a New MS2 osCommerce Store (Nice Copy Paste Soloution for Lazy PPL with MS2). I dont have the time or patients to write up a step-by-step guide atm ( perhaps later ). Easiest way to install is basically - ======================================== MAKE A BACK OF THESE FILES: admin/categories.php admin/includes/languages/(Your-Language)/categories.php catalog/product_info.php catalog/popup_image.php Copy the one's from the contribution overthem, add the new file/s catalog/includes/modules/additional_images.php run the SQL script into your database with PHPMyAdmin or other DB Manager... Thats it!................................................................ If you have already modified some othe above pages I sugest you use code compare software to cut snippets, I have marked all my work with: BOF MaxiDVD: and EOF MaxiDVD: Back up your admin/categories.php file first!! MaxiDVD :~)