Individual Product Shipping Methods Description: This contribution allows you to select which shipping methods you would like to enable for each individual product. This is a modification of Individual Product Payment Methods, but to work with shipping instead. Change Log // 11/22/06 Created and uploaded by dave - How to use: After installation go to Admin -> Catalog -> Edit Product, you'll see a list of checkbox for the shipping methods, check off all the boxes that you would like to enable. Notes: * Checking no boxes in the same as checking all the boxes, all the modules will be enabled for that product. * The shipping module must also be enabled in the Admin -> Modules -> Shipping area for the module to show up. *** Make sure you dont setup the products in such a way to eliminate the possibility of them being purchased together: For example: If you set "Product A" to allow only the Flat Rate module And set "Product B" to allow only the Item Rate module, if the customer tries to purchase A and B together they will have no shipping options. This zip File contains only instructions for installation! (no modified files)