JcM Image 360 V1.0 CE BS4/3

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

JcM Image 360 based on 3Deye script by Paul Shan. A simple add-on to let you add a 360 rotating image on product info page. You can only have one per product. The add-on is designed so that the image will only show if the files for it exist. So on all other products nothing will show. Again this is a no core code change add-on and use $product_model to make it do its stuff. In admin you can change the text displayed under the image, the image count and the image type. These will be the same for all images. The image count is the number of images used to do a full 360 degrees. I find that 8 images are about the lowest you can have and still have a sensible rotation. The more you have the smother it will be. The image type is typically .png , .jpg or .gif , It’s up to you but they must be the same type for all images. Also keep the size sensible! Too large and could be iffy. Use good quality images. The images need to be placed in a directory names the same as the product-model and must be named 1,2,3,4,---to image count. So for a product with modal “civic” you would have images/jcm360/civic/ 1.png,2.png-----to image count. In addition to this each directory must contain a file “show.txt” just a blank text file named “show”. This is used to set display. A sample has been set up in the files provided so just follow it. Again totally standalone with no core code change or data base updates. Simply copy all files into relevant sections and go to admin modules /content and install. Has been tested on CE BS4 and CE BS3 only. That’s it enjoy!