for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

STS PLUS is a variation of the famous and excellent STS (Simple Template System) created by Brian Gallagher. Main changes: - Group the templates in sets and select the displayed set from admin panel. - Test a set of templates only for admin: test your new templates online without disturbing your visitors. - Turn STS PLUS on/off from admin. If turned off, the normal osC will be displayed. - Turn STS PLUS on only for admin: test your templates online without disturbing your visitors. - Less html in placeholders, so more flexibility for the design work. - Code specific to a page is put into a module. Advantages: use only modules you need => less code processed. Write your own module to integrate a contribution and share the modules with other users. - Module are configurable from admin panel, like you do with shipping modules. - Less code, should be faster. - For the product info page, possibility to have a template only for the content area, while header, columns and footer are coming from the category template. - All boxes are available separately, no need to show specials if you want to show tell a friend box, no need to show best sellers if you want to show product notifications. - Possibility to place php scripts in the templates (like in STS v3). The first working version of STS PLUS, released here, is v4.0.4 Installation and user guides included. Support in the forum: