must accept privacy

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is my first trial for a contribution. It is a slight modfication of contributions 1341 and 1202. All credits are for these contributors. now the must agree to privacy , runs the same way as must agree to terms ( contribution 1341), and is multilanguage. the visitor / customer needs to accept the conditions before beeing able to finish the registration process. Included few languages to help. There are probably ( certainly) some mistakes in translations . You are welcome to correct them . modified files are D:Websitewwwcatalogpopup_privacy:php D:Websitewwwcatalogcreate_account.php D:Websitewwwcatalogincludes filenames.php these files for all countries D:Websitewwwcatalogincludeslanguages "pays" privacy.php D:Websitewwwcatalogincludeslanguages " pays"checkout_confirmation.php mariamu2