Subcategory textboxes

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution will allow you to add a text information box to the top of a subcategory page. This allows you to give general information about a product range, rather than duplicating information within the product page. See enclosed screeshot.jpg for an example of its use. This contribution is based in part on the excellent and simple contribution "Sub Category Description on Selected Categories":,4608 Whilst this offered the functionality required by a recent client, the client wanted to support multiple subcategories and didn't like the idea of editing the index.php source file to add / amend entries. This contribution builds on "Sub Category Description on Selected Categories": 1. Textbox descriptions stored in database table. 2. Full admin control to allow adding / editing / deleting textbox contents. 3. Ability to switch off textboxes globally - allows you to add your copy before going 'live' 4. Ability to customise amount of textbox text previewed on the admin page. 5. Protection against overwriting existing textbox contents.