“Please Wait” Preload for BS Edge

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This contribution will allow you to display a “Please wait while page is loading” page so that your customers are not confused or turned-off by the time it takes to process a checkout page. This is a comfort/courtesy step in the checkout process designed to reduce abandonment. The three pages that take the most time to load in osCommerce are: checkout_shipping.php, checkout_payment.php, and checkout_confirmation.php Of these, checkout_shipping.php takes the longest time to load, especially if you have the Multi-Vendor Shipping addon installed. Some stores may require this feature for other pages such as a portfolio, image gallery, or any long page with large & heavy image and/or video files. If you are technical, you can adapt this addon to work with those pages. However, at this time it is only designed for the three aforementioned checkout pages. No database changes 4 new files 6 file code changes instructions + configuration + screenshots This is a Full Package