Auto Backup Database (Updated)

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Auto Backup Database (Updated) This contribution automatically backs up your database at regular intervals whilst you are logged into admin and create archive backups at a longer intervals. Backups can be GZipped to conserve server space. Backups can now be split or extended past max execution time if you have a very large dBase. Backups are compatible with Database Backup Manager so selective restores can be made. A cron job can also be set up to create timed daily backups, regardless of whether anyone logs in or not. Archived backups can also be auto deleted after a set period, so server won't fill up. Includes separate language file to ease alterations for non English speakers. Basic install is just 5 easy steps. Written for osC V2.3.1 and ealier with PHP 5 and is register_globals compatible so should work with most versions. Support thread at