Free Shipping Per Product

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Offer free shipping specific to your products without changing the item weight, or anything else. Built into the already existing order total shipping module. Adds the option to offer free shipping by product in addition to offering free shipping based on order total. Select which items are shipped free through the individual product editing pages - can be turned on and off. Especially handy for short term free shipping specials. If your customer adds only free shipping products to his cart, then shipping is free. If your customer adds no free shipping products to his cart, then shipping is calculated as normal. If your customer adds a mix of free shipping products and products that are not shipped for free, then the weight of the products will be deducted from the cart weight before shipping is calculated for the balance of items. The count of products is also deducted for shipping methods that do not rely on cart weight. Can be used in conjunction with free shipping by order total. If total is met, shipping is free. If total is not met, then products with free shipping will kick in and take over. And of course, items display notification that shipping is free on all the pages where item details are seen (new products, product info, shopping cart, etc....) A file compare tool is HIGHLY recommended, as there are quite a few little modifications through several files.