J Query Lightbox with Ultra Pics

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Ultra Pics version 2.08 All credit to the original authors and contributors of the Ultra Pics Contributions. Started this as another Contribution as the Ultra Pics one has moved on and had a few other bits added to it since the 2.08 version with Lightbox 2.04 was added. Lightbox J Query is IMHO a better version of the Lightbox effect. It works much better with larger than standard images, the standard ones can seem a bit squashed. Unlike the 2.04 Lightbox, when you open up an image, you can then click on it to get the next saving you the hassle of closing it down to open another one which can be tedious! You can have a look at the difference here http://www.linuxusb.net/new Please note this is not a live shop, its my testing server!! Full package, intended for a virgin install.