for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This is a news mod that will show "latest news and news catagories" for news in a infobox and can even be used as a replacement for TEXT_MAIN on the default.php page. It's a based on a project at sourcforge written by Linda Peterson aka kill-9. ---> Originally called "phpnews" Options: (pretty much a mini-blog) control how many listing on the main page ratings comments user levels and more. For this release I've changed a quite a bit of the file structure and html formatting. I didn't do much to the code since I'm not a programmer. However the installation is relatively "easy" although you do need to access phpmyadmin or which ever program you use. Please note that I have cut done some of the functionality of the original script and have it setup now as just a news posting script. Also, the orginal script does have 1 major drawback for those of you who use multilingual sites. Currently you can only use 1 language. I tried to tap into osC's language setting but after 2-3 hours of fiddling I just couldn't figure out how to pass the variable $language over to phpnews. Have fun :-) Carsten aka moyashi