PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution was introduced towards the end of 2011, and as part of the initiative to help merchants avoid PCI-related implications, we are pleased to launch the official payments module for this product for osCommerce 2.x. This official module can be used to replace any existing card processing solution (including the non-hosted PayPal/Payflow Pro products) that you may already have activated on your online store. The official PayPal module is natively compatible and designed for PayPal Pro account holders who signed up both before and after 2007 – so it’s been specially designed for existing PayPal and Payflow Pro merchants - please contact your PayPal account manager or Business Support representative for further information and clarity. Due to the impending PCI Compliance deadlines, PayPal will soon be contacting all existing Pro users to ensure that they are PCI compliant - either through this official module or by self-certifying – so we would highly recommend that adopt this integration as soon as possible.