This contribution will give you an alternative to the default osCommerce manufacturers module by providing multilanguage support and an extra description field. It can be used as a full replacement whether your shop is multilanguage or not but for single language shops there is not really a need to use this contribution (except for the extra description field maybe). The idea is to provide an opportunity to use the manufacturers module for special product groups for which you do not neccessarily want to make seperate categories. I.e. you sell lamps amongst other things but those are divided over periodic style (sub)categories and you don't want to clutter your category box with another category for lamps in which you will have to link all lamps on your site. With a single language shop that is not problem and you can use the default manufacturers module for it. For multilanguage shops however you come to the problem that 'lighting' as a 'manufacturer name' sounds fine in English but not in Dutch, German or whatever other language. With this contribution that is not a problem anymore and it gives you the freedom to use the manufacturer module for something different. Installation instructions in English and Dutch