# MAXIMUM Product Quantity with Admin 1.0 # A little history on this contrib: It is based very very heavily on MINIMUM Product Quantity with admin version 1.5 that was started by Mark Rickert Contribution located at: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2953 I needed to be able to limit specific products to a maximum purchase quantity, especially products on special or upsale at checkout. This contributions puts a limitation of how many items a customer can purchase, also takes into account products with different attributes. I wanted to only sell one of an item regardless of the options it had. That way I could run a sale on an item but still give the customer a choice about what color or size they wanted. With this contribution I can make sure they only get 1 T-shirt per order, but they can still get the size option they need. So in the spirit of oscommerce and the gnu... I have not only modified the minimum quantity purchase, but I have shamelessly taken the documentation and just changed a few words and updated several queries and things. I haven't tested the combo, but I beleive this will work well with minimum purchase quantity too! Kayakbabe - 9 April 2006