This "contribution" protects you from problems with search engines and keword advertising when upgrading from MS1 to MS2. In earlier versions of osc the start page was named default.php now it is index.php. This can cause problems with the URLs, especially when you are advertising with keywords. To redirect the old URL to the new one (index.php) just write the following into the .htaccess file, locates in your catalog folder. Note: This is not a redirection but a rewrite! The advantage is, that any code (e.g. adtracker code) will not be lost. RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /catalog RewriteRule ^default.php$ index.php Please note that this rewrite mod is only suitable for Apache webservers with rewrite mod on (which is normally the case). If your shop exists in another directory you have to edit the Rewrite base rule. I hope this helps some people that have encountered these problems and that are not familiar with HTACCESS files! ***No File Attached!***