JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.1

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

JcM Custom ColorBox header_tags V1.0 addon CE BS4 & BS3 This will allow you to customise your colorbox gallery. All the setting are changed in admin. Additional images and up to date script is included. This will replace the stock colorbox header tag so backup first then turn off colorbox header tag and uninstall. Rename old files or delete. Then copy over new files into the right places and go to admin install and turn on. That’s now set it up as you like. Please note the border around the images is set by 2 images, border.png and controls.png blue versions have been supplied if you need more just edit the files and rename as you like and use them in admin. As always can be seen running on the test site https://chilleddisplays.co.uk That’ s it Enjoy.