Technical Information - Show and Hide V1

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Technical Information Show and Hide V1.00 :: For Oscommerce MS2.2 / RC1 Compatible & FULLY TESTED ON BOTH (May work on RC2.2a also but not tested.) Hi, My name is Chris, I work 9 till 5, alone as a webdesigner / server admin / tech guy for a small company whom I persuaded to use oscommerce for thier shop and have been having fun modifying it since! I decided to create this contribution myself as I have never seen a contribution that does the same thing on the oscommerce addon site so enjoy! Product descriptions too long? Do you have lengthy technical info you wish to seperate from the products description? Then this an addon you are looking for! This addon will allow you to enter hideable technical information in an extra description field when you add a new product, This will then show on your catalog side with a cool hide/show button (default state is obviously hidden). This makes your product_info.php page very slick and tidy. Ideal for any product that has a general description, but also requires sometimes lengthy technical information. The mod works much like this install document, but with a neater expand / collapse button. This mod also contains an optional step if you use FCKEDITOR for Product Descriptions. Installation instructions based on fresh 2.2 MS2 Release - Addon has been fully tested with 2.2 RC1 Also A worthy addon to any site