for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Do you like spam? Do you receive spam from your contact page? Are your product reviews filled with spam and you don't like this?! If you are sick and tired of it, this contribution may help you stop harvesters, spammers, dictionary attackers and comment spammers with Project Honey Pot service HTTP Blacklist ("http:BL"). Spammers and the other suspicious visitors to worldwide websites are analyzed by Project Honey Pot and then the information about suspicious or malicious IP addresses are published. Http:BL makes this information available. In order to use "http:BL" you must have an account and an access key. Both you can get for free from the Project Honey Pot webpage. The contribution httpbl4osc is easy to install: - copy 6 new files to your webspace - add one line of code to 2 existing files - get an Project Honey Pot account and an access key - configure "http:BL" on your shop-administrator page Installing instructions are included.