checkout payment fix

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This minor modification moves the radio buttons to select payment method so that they are immediately to the left of the payment method name. That way it will be much more obvious to the customer which method goes with which button. This modification should be considered by any store that uses more than one payment method. Why did I create this modification? We use the payment methods of credit card and check/money order at our store, and with the default osCommerce placement of the payment selection radio buttons at the far right of the box, well away from the payment title, it seems that at least once a month we were getting a call from a customer who wondered why we were waiting for a check when he had entered his credit card information online. Obviously the customer had checked the button for check/money order instead of the one for credit card because the buttons were far enough away from the payment method title to make it hard to tell which button went with which payment method.