Dynamenu is an add-in box which will display your categories as a DTHML horizontal drop-down or vertical fly-out menu, an expandable/collapsable tree menu, or even as plain vertical or horizontal menus. The main file includes easy to set options to set the type of menu you desire and the way it behaves. With dynamenu, you can even opt not to display it in the usual "box" so that it can be seamlessly integrated with your store template for a truly custom look! Dynamenu is powered by the excellent PHP Layers Menu library which has been extensively tested for cross-browser compatibility and is driven by a well-commented stylesheet to make it easy to modify. Most menus use Javascript but are rendered on-the-fly as HTML, so they fall back nicely for the poor souls without Javascript enabled. Sorry, can't post a link to a demo, but if you search Google for Dynamenu or PHP Layers Menu, it won't be hard to find ;) A forum thread has been started here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=209045 for your feedback, questions or if you want to show off your new menu!