This is a mod that I had written to allow me to backup large Databases as well as my Sites' files with one button click. I hated having to use an FTP program just to backup. It was slow and very cumbersome. So I had these modules written. I commented as much as I could to make it easy to understand how the thing works. I'm not much of a programmer and I'm sure others out there will be able to clean this code up quite a bit and make it more user friendly and easier to use. Please do! I could use the help. ;-) There are some things I think could be better, like the upload option. I know something already exists in the original code to allow uploading of the SQL file I think. This would be much simpler to use instead of the upload.php program. But it works and I don't know enough to find and change it. I've also found that when I backup the file is called something different when I download it directly from a backup instead of backing up and then using the link by the name to download it in the Admin. Why this is may be due to my Host and not the program though. Also in the archive, in the 'backups' directory you'll notice two copies of the SQL database are created. I have no idea why this happens. All in all though the program works, and works pretty well I've found. I hope you have similar results. Enjoy! Henry S. Courbis hscourbis(a.t.) Feel free to contact me anytime. If you change something please let me know so I too can enjoy the goodness. ;-)