for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

Writeen by DEEP SILVER ACCESSORY Contributed to the osCommerce Project under the GNU General Public License. To be used with osCommerce Version 2.2MS2 Dated: 2005/NOV/09 V1.00 What does this Contribution do ? ------------------------------------ I think that the title say it all. With the high speed and lots of others e- commerce site competition, customers now easlly surf the net and comapr prices. find a better price but still prefer buying from a trusted site they know, they then email the shop with a reqest for a better price. When you have lots of products, its hard to track the products requested. This Contribution add an info box(optional) and or add an image link in product info page Just below the product price. The customer can then use this link to load up a form for a Price Match Request. The script check to verify that all requeird fields subbmited correctly and the grap the information and email it to the store owner. Collected info: Customer Name (or Guest Name, the script verify user and apply changes). E-Mail Address. Product Name. Product Price. Price Match request. Web address (or company name) selling for that price. Comment (if any). Direct link to this product page(in your store) ------------------------------------ for security reason and site abuse this information is also added(hidden). This Price Match request came from IP Address. Internet Service Provider. Request Recorded Time. Browser and os. Product viewed Site Language ******************* MAKE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE *********************** As i take no responsibility for anything going wrong. This module as been tested on a clean install of osCommerce Version 2.2MS2 Please use it at your own risk. This is a set of PHP source code files and instructions to modify an existing osCommerce v2.2 Milestone 2 online shop system. The changes should be made by experienced users only, since I cannot take any responsibility whatsoever. The user wanting to install this contribution should have at least some knowledge of PHP. ==================================== This is the full Package includes screenshots and PhotoShop file to add the animated gif.