Shop by Price CE

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Release: Shop By Price for OSCOM CE Phoenix, osc2.3.4.(1.) CE Frozen, EDGE and GOLD All credit goes to the original developer: Matt Davies and all other contributers of previous versions This version tested on: OSCOM CE Phoenix PHP 7.0-7.3 (V. 5) Oscommerce osc- CE Frozen PHP 5.6-7.2 (V. 4) This version is NOT backward compatible to previous osc2.x releases, New Features in Shop By Price v4 BS - Added Shop by price header module - All configuration entries added to the modules - Search in categories and manufactures added - Multi currency support - Price ranges entry for each currency added to the modules - Show prices with tax query improved - Language files cleaned up - spanish and german language files added - shop_by_price.php updated for 2.3.4 BS - filenames and database table names hardcoded - all sql installation queries included in the modules Support thread is at here; NOTE: I will only support this Bootstrap version there @raiwa Full Package