Better Product Review Flow

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

I found the way the product review pages flowed to be fairly confusing, so I made some changes to mine, including: 1. Changed link to full product review from author name (which I would expect to lead to some kind of bio on the author) to a 'Read Full Review' link after the review excerpt. 2. Changed 'Buy Now' button -- which redirected customer to reviews.php after clicking on it -- to a 'More Info' button linking to the full product description. 3. Changed 'Back' button to reflect the customer's actual navigation path rather than going back to a page they may not have got to the review from. The files included in this package are based on the originals found in osC-2.2 MS2. If you have made modifications to your files, a change log can be found in README.TXT. TerryK