Category New Products Carousel (bootstra

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Category New Products Carousel (stand alone version) v1.0 for osCommerce 2.3.4 bootstrap (screen shots included) Easy module Install. (only minor changes to index.php required) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PREREQUISITES: osCommerce versions 2.3.4 bootstrap "Modular Front Page" is NOT required for this stand alone version. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This add-on adds a carousel/sliding version of the "New Products" module to the front page and category pages. Use it to replace the current "New Products" module. Module is installed as a new separate module, so that it doesn't over-write any existing modules. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This add-on relies on jQuery Owl Carousel v1.3.3 for carousel sliding effects. More information can be found here "". jQuery Owl Carousel is included with this package and is installed separately as a heater_tag module. jQuery Owl Carousel handles responsive carousels a lot better than Bootstrap carousel version. It automatically adjusts the number of items inside the carousel according to the viewport size. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full package Install instructions included. Support thread: