Better Review System

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

This contribution will allow you to: - Move the rating stars to display before the review text. - Add additional rating options, changing the original rating to "Overall Rating". - Add new radio input buttons to the Write Review page, where the data will be displayed on the Product Reviews page. (Makes it possible to display more information on the reviewer, including his/her experience with the product.) - Add a "Read More" link to product_reviews.php when there is more text to be shown. - Add a location input field to Write Review. This then changes the Product Review to display "Review by NAME from LOCATION". - Adds a title input field to Write Review. This takes the place of "Review by...", and is linked to the full review. Issue: I could not get the changes to work in product_reviews_info.php. Therefore, edits for this file are NOT included, and none of the changes will display when displaying the full review. To "solve" this, I have added the ability to display the full review in product_reviews.php, therefore eliminating product_reviews_info.php. SUPPORT THREAD + DEVELOPMENTS: