USPS Shipping Insurance

for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

USPS Shipping Insurance 1.0 by olsonsp4c This module displays USPS shipping insurance rates on checkout_payment.php and allows for selection/deselecton of this option. It then adds the proper shipping insurance amount to the order total on checkout_confirmation.php. IMPORTANT NOTE: This order total module will ONLY work if you ship ONE package per order. If you ship in MULTIPLE packages per order, the shipping insurance will NOT calculate properly. What I could use help on: 1. I can not figure out how to call the $shipping_box_num variable from includes/classes/shipping.php in this order total module. If I could do this, this module would be able to properly calculate shipping insurance on MULTIPLE packages per order. 2. I'd rather that the USPS shipping insurance option appear on catalog/checkout_shipping.php However, I can not figure out how to make the checkbox variable "choose_insurance" carry from checkout_shipping.php through checkout_payment.php and then to checkout_confirmation.php SCREENSHOTS included. COMPLETE package (hopefully I didn't forget anything) SUPPORT FORUM: Please work together to make this a better addon.