This contribution is a set of modules that allows for acceptance of Credit Cards and Electronic Checks through Merchant Partners (aka Pay-Me-Now). It includes CVV and Check example contributions built-in, which may (or may not) conflict with an existing CVV or Check example already installed on your system. Revision History 1.50 2004/09/19 - OSC 2.2 release (Lane Roathe) - bug fixes to manner in which URLs were created (caused bad use of ? and &) - customer experience improvements - Added CVV explanation (new window, with text and graphic explanation) - Added Checking information help graphics (delineators, example check) - some real docs (hopefully somewhat clear :) 1.47 2003/02/14 - OSC 2.1 release (old version on osc site) 1.40 2002/11/01 - Initial release (version on paymenow site)