Info: === Adapted to work with the contribution Separate Pricing Per Customer v4.1.1 and the contribution "Quantity Price Breaks". By Janz for the adaptation of the code for SPPC and Jeep for Hardcoding and documentation file Thank's to Eric Montgomery for the original code. This contribution is intended to hide the price and purchase button from the catalog if no price has been entered, instead of showing a price of $0.00. You have to put $0.00 in each customer group price to obtain this otherwise you gonna have no price in retail group and a price in the wholesale group. You can play with that too. :-) This may be of use if you want some items to be informational items only, such as services or to use your shop as a catalog only. This contribution contains just the instructions for manually applying this contribution and you have to get SPPC 4.1.1 and Quantity Price Breaks for SPPC 4.1.1. installed already. If you have problem, just come to the forum support of SPPC 4.11 at Good luck.