This mod was intended to address two issues. 1. Watermarking product images so nobody (else) can use them. 2. Creating small thumbnails to increase page load times. The conventional solution to both these is to generate a second set of images, based on your normal product pictures, and refer to these instead. With over 1000 product images to deal with, and the almost certain confusion between trying to keep THREE sets of images in step, I decided this was not a good idea. We frequently re-take pictures, and I did not want the hastle of resizing and staming over and over again. Why not just let the webserver do all the work? This mod addresses this. You don't have to change any image. You don't need to create any more images. It's a very simple mod to one file of oscommerce, and you can even refer to your pictures remotely (e.g. use them on eBay) and it STILL works!