A long awaited CCGV addon that works on osCommerce For so long there has been numerous versions of the CCGV none of which (in my opinion are any good) - this module I've been using for years on all my clients sites and it just works - I've just ported this to work with osCommerce The original module CCGV (trad) was created by TerraNetworks and authored by Vger. The only CCGV module that truly ever worked correctly. This module allows you to create and sell gift vouchers in your store. It also allows you to create discount coupons which can be issued to customers for discount during checkout as well as when they signup. The gift vouchers can be purchased by a customer who then can email the gift voucher or part there off to whoever he/she pleases. The package includes installation instructions, a full set of files which can be dropped on top of a CLEAN INSTALLATION OF OSCOMMERCE WITHOUT ANY MODIFICATIONS. If you store has been modified then its best that you use a file compare program to compare the files. Only the english files are available. If I've accidently left out a file or you come across any errors, please email me. Before you email me, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS - this module is not for the feint hearted and one assumes that you have above average coding skills.