for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.1

What this module will do for you... This is not your tipical translator that translates your entire site and distorts it to the point that it looks like a "Picasso". For those who have tried several translators on their osc sites, (you know what I mean by that. This module will only translate what you want it to translate, this package includes 15 different languages. It is powered by a Google API. English,Spanish,French,Italian,Portuguese,German,Dutch,Greek,Russian, Chinese(Simplified),Chinese(Traditional),Japanese,Korean,Hindi,Arabic, There are an additional 25 or so languages you can add to this. I will add more as time permits. This package contains the necessary instructions to install translator for your product description in product_info.php. Estimate time to install is 2min. THAT SIMPLE! But why stop there, you can add this translator to; Reviews, Policies, FAQs, About Us, Information pages and/or any other text on your site. Feel free to add on to this cool contribution. Credit go's everyone on this one, bits & pieces of different scripts made this one up,,, But never could of done it without help from my buddy (Sujeet) Thanks. See Demo: http://youregiftbasket.com/hardware-mice-microsoft-intellimouse-p-3.html Support thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/350796-ultimate-osc-translator/ Enjoy Guys, Ronnie