Shopping Cart Quantity Plus/Minus Buttons with Auto-update for BS Edge For the Phoenix version of this addon, use this: The main two problems with stock osC product quantity input-box on the shopping cart page are: 1) The increment buttons are inside the input-box and are tiny. That is not so much an issue for desktop, but for mobile, it is absolutely useless. On mobile, the customer must manually enter the quantity into the input-box and this results in poor UX. 2) Every time a customer changes the product quantity, they must click the Update button to update the cart and order total. This is an unnecessary step and does not exist on any other eCommerce platform that I've ever seen. What this contribution does: - Adds a plus and minus button on opposite sides of the quantity input-box and makes it easy for a customer to manage their order quantity on desktop and mobile devices - Removes the Update button - Auto-updates the cart quantity and order total based on change of input-box value - Allows a store owner to turn this feature On/Off from one place This is a modular design that also requires two core file changes. It's been tested and works on BS Edge. ~~~~~~~~ 3 new files 2 core file adds/changes screenshots included This is a Full Package.